Liz McAuliffe

Carver and Painter of Nature’s Exquisite Objects

“My art invites you to consider your perceptions
and to examine the original form more closely.”


Carved lotiiArtist Liz McAuliffe’s larger-than-life carvings bring objects from the natural world into surprisingly intimate focus.

Ubiquitous pohutukawa leaves become hand sized and delicate kowhai seed pods ‘grow’ to human height. Whatever its scale, each piece presents a unique opportunity to examine and appreciate the natural form that inspired it.Liz with Kowhai pods, shell and lotus slice

“Creating from and with nature has long been a way for me to stay connected to myself and my environment.  I see samples everywhere from the native bush to the vegetable garden.”

Liz works in a range of materials from MDF (medium density fibreboard) to New Zealand grown timbers, including reclaimed 40,000 year-old swamp kauri.  Her tools include chainsaws, angle grinders, power carvers, sanders, drills and hand chisels.


Paper patterns are enlarged and outlines transferred to the uncarved surface.  Once the shape is formed, it is carefully painted to replicate nature’s original.


“I carve to express nature’s beauty, balance and perfection.”

If you are interested in purchasing my work please communicate with me directly, I welcome inquiries and am open to commissions.

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View from Liz McAuliffe's Home Studio