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New Works

24th May – 12th June ’08

Village Arts Gallery

“Long isolation from other lands has allowed the New Zealand native fauna to develop almost entirely free from outside influences” A.W.B. Powell.

Whether we acknowledge it or not I believe nature influences humans, sometimes in very dramatic ways. We are thus drawn to remembering that we too are nature.

I portray nature in an overlarge size to bring it to the fore – wherein you cannot help but notice it. My work invites you to consider your perceptions and to examine the original form more closely.

These works evoke memory…

  • memories of walks on the beach, of who you were and weren’t with
  • memories of collecting something to keep, to help remember
  • memories of the simple science illustrations in school science books from the 50’s – 70’s

At turning points in our lives I think we pause, take stock and sort our memories, deciding which ones we will take with us into our next phase.These works in their simplicity are created as pauses for you, the viewer, to consider and to perhaps call on memories of your own.