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This is a culmination of the things I love. Wood just for and of itself … and nature expressed through shapes and shadow.

In these works I am exploring some of my past works and am re-introducing them as a conversation .. They are a play with reality .. manipulating and highlighting certain aspects.

Are they a conversation between man and nature … man and machine … two aspects of nature? Or all .. ?

In a conversation where does one start and the other finish .. ?

What of one’s background does one bring to one’s conversations .. ?

How much of our conversations have hidden meanings .. not spoken and not shown .. ?

What we take away from a conversation is centred very much around what we took into the conversation ..

Within ‘Conversations’ there will be several series … at present there is the Lotus series and the Kawakawa series …

Medium : various … Kauri . Rimu . Pine . Salingna
Size : various … 6″x1″ – 12″x2″ … Length 1800cm – 2600cm
Price : start from $1400 – $2700


Lotus Conversations available at Mobile Art and Kawakawa Conversations at Art Associates.


If you are interested in purchasing my work and due to the artworks being one-offs, communicate with me directly, I welcome inquiries and am open to commissions.
Contact Liz.