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Tamaki Estuary Series .1.

13 pieces 2009

Pine with iron filings, Acid, Zinc, Copper, Graphite, Silver.

In her carving Liz McAuliffe is known for manipulating scale to bring attention to nature and all its complexity.

With the use of iron, zinc, copper, graphite and acid she has intensified the visual experience and has highlighted the metal pollutant content now in the estuary. The glimpse of intense mangrove green is recognising the seed of hope still present in this vital estuary.

Mangroves, although not dearly loved by many, play an important part in the ecosystems of harbours – sheltering young fish, stabilising land and forming a buffer zone to absorb flood waters.

These pieces are available for sale individually

Cockle shells and small Mangrove roots  ..  $190 each  (approx 10 – 16cm)

Mangrove Leaves, Nut Shell and  medium Mangrove roots .. $275, $295, $320 respectively  (approx 26 – 32cm)

Mangrove pods .. $350 each (approx 17 – 19cm)

Large Mangrove roots .. $375 – $475 each (approx 46 – 51cm)

Tamaki Estuary Series