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MatchStick Sculpture


Striking a Happy Medium
Striking a Happy Medium . $1900      

SOLD by Kaan Zamaan Gallery

For these works Liz has moved her close observational skills, her deft carving and painting techniques to bring about a playful manipulation of scale with everyday objects.

In ‘Striking a Happy Medium’, a collection of upscaled matchsticks and their accompanying box, she toys with the venerated practice of including a matchbox in photographs to give the viewer a safe and recognisable basepoint for scale within an image. With no other object to compare with, this work undermines that safety.

Again, with ‘Mismatched Perceptions’, the massive upscaling of the ubiquitous matchstick Liz invites the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship to these objects which are used daily by millions of people. The matchsticks being ‘life-sized’ demand a conversation on an equal footing.


Mismatched Perceptions . $2100

SOLD by  A + E Gallery . Napier