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Time sure does fly when you’re having fun..

It’s hard to believe we have been here over a week already. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

I have enjoyed being in the workshop and touching up all of my pieces in time for the exhibition opening on the 25th June. I’ve been fixing a few breakages in art works that I brought over, surprisingly not too bad though, finishing some pieces that were started in NZ and of course can’t help but feel inspired to explore new ideas for works. I can’t help but feel influenced by Odd’s love of the Cherry trees lining his driveway.

I have also had my first bike ride within the national park and my first swim in the pool that is on site, I am hoping to make this a regular event. In the weekend we met with Odd’s family and visited his cabin down by the ocean, it was a lovely afternoon at the beach. We have also been to see his beach house in another location, it was incredibly calm and had a lovely feel to it. We are still feeling very lucky to be here and are greeted with such a warm welcome by everyone we meet. It is an inspiring environment to be in. Time to get some rest, ready for another day in the workshop tomorrow. Until next time ….