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‘Matching’ now joins ‘Striking a Happy Medium’ and ‘Mismatched Perceptions’

For these works I bring about a playful manipulation of scale with everyday objects.

I have just finished a commissioned pair of matchsticks titled ‘Matching’, scale x46.   Client “it is an anniversary gift and we both work very hard and sometimes feel burned out but we spark off each other for renewed energy!!”

In ‘Striking a Happy Medium’, a collection of up scaled matchsticks and their accompanying box, I toy with the venerated practice of including a matchbox in photographs to give the viewer a safe and recognisable base-point for scale within an image. With no other object to compare with, this work undermines that safety.

Which is the 'real' box
Which is the ‘real’ box

Again, with ‘Mismatched Perceptions’, the massive up-scaling of the ubiquitous matchstick I invite the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship to these objects which are used daily by millions of people. The matchsticks being ‘life-sized’ demand a conversation on an equal footing.

Carved Matchsticks scale x40
Carved Matchsticks scale x40

I am happy to do commissions and enjoy working with clients to add their feel to the pieces too.

The ‘Mismatched Perceptions’ pair was featured in their new home in the NZ Home & Garden magazine.