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Commissions – Inventory – Art Shows

Well it has been a wee while since I wrote on my blog, I have not been slacking :-)  I have had a busy and varied 6 months.

I have had quite a few commission requests come in, must admit I do like doing commissions, even though at times there is the trepidation of “Will I get it right?”  Sometimes the discussions can last for months, before a piece/requests gets to feeling just right.  A few have come to completion and a few are still on the drawing board.

After spending months exploring and researching for an Inventory program that is suitable for artists, I have definitely found a great one in Artwork Archive.  I have only had it for about 1 month and even though I have not yet finished entering even one year, it has already saved me time on many occasions.

Head to the link below to see my Public Profile page.

I have also participated in 5 Art Shows so far for 2017, with the exhibition at the Kohia Terrace School,  being the most successful for me so far.  I still have 1 Art Show to go in October, more about that later.

I have added a new Gallery to my list.   The Art Lounge in Tauranga.

Mira is doing a fabulous job with promoting and selling my works, particularly with the Cut Canvas Pohutukawa Leaves.  Welcome to the team Mira.  I really appreciate all the work that the galleries do and I have some great galleries representing me,  so do head to my Art For Sale page to see the list and a few examples of my work in stock.  Pop in to see them if you are in and around NZ or they are always happy to be contacted.

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‘Matching’ now joins ‘Striking a Happy Medium’ and ‘Mismatched Perceptions’

For these works I bring about a playful manipulation of scale with everyday objects.

I have just finished a commissioned pair of matchsticks titled ‘Matching’, scale x46.   Client “it is an anniversary gift and we both work very hard and sometimes feel burned out but we spark off each other for renewed energy!!”

In ‘Striking a Happy Medium’, a collection of up scaled matchsticks and their accompanying box, I toy with the venerated practice of including a matchbox in photographs to give the viewer a safe and recognisable base-point for scale within an image. With no other object to compare with, this work undermines that safety.

Which is the 'real' box
Which is the ‘real’ box

Again, with ‘Mismatched Perceptions’, the massive up-scaling of the ubiquitous matchstick I invite the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship to these objects which are used daily by millions of people. The matchsticks being ‘life-sized’ demand a conversation on an equal footing.

Carved Matchsticks scale x40
Carved Matchsticks scale x40

I am happy to do commissions and enjoy working with clients to add their feel to the pieces too.

The ‘Mismatched Perceptions’ pair was featured in their new home in the NZ Home & Garden magazine.


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Now I am home ..

Now that I am back home in Hokianga, New Zealand, the busyness has not stopped. I have many things in the pipeline …

I have just finished working on over 40 carved stamps, this collection will be hanging in a small solo exhibition at the Boatshed Cafe in Rawene for Oct 2016.  In ‘Philately Will Get You Everywhere’ I use a playful manipulation of scale and bring the detail and aesthetic I enjoy into a human proportion. By bringing this work into our personal space I move it to a one on one conversation with the viewer. A conversation still being held at the intersection between reality and deception. I am referencing actual stamp samples from the past and acknowledging our implicit nostalgia for things historical.

Commissions are very welcome for these sculptures, I am able to place any picture/photo on the stamp, making it personalised and a great gift option. 

The stamps are $250 each, 10% discount for multiples $475 for double/pair and $2025 for 9.

Commissioned Stamp Sculpture
Stamp Sculpture Commissioned in Denmark

I also have a match commission to start working on, the client has enjoyed my already made/sold large match sticks.  I am really looking forward to getting the big machinery out and working on a substantial carving again.

I am so happy to be home and look forward to sharing my next projects with you all.

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My time at Bogensholm has come to an end ..

It is hard to believe we arrived here 10 weeks ago. It has been a week now since the exhibition finished and we have spent it packing up and saying farewell to the many people who have made our time here in Denmark so enjoyable.

If you had of told me 3 months ago I was about to make a last minute decision to jump on a plane and head across the other side of the world to exhibit my work, I am not sure I would have believed you. Aimee and I came here with very little information about what we were getting into and we have had such an experience being here. There have been many circumstances where I have felt challenged and out of my comfort zone, however I am glad I took the plunge and had this crazy and amazing experience.

Coming to Denmark has given me new confidence to know that ‘I can do it’. I now feel excited at the possibility of taking up other residencies for artists throughout New Zealand as well as around the world. Being here has given me an insight to the Danish art world and given me the chance to speak to local artists and relate on many levels about the lifestyles, art and business practices, both the similarities and the differences.

I am grateful to Odd that he presented me with this opportunity and got me out of my comfort zone. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I look forward to sharing my experiences with other artists. I am keen to pass on my ideas, experiences and to inspire other rural isolated artists to step outside their comfort zones and to work towards ‘making art’ a conscious career choice.

I am still running a Givealittle crowd funding campaign over the 110 days to help cover costs. Many Thanks in advance to all those who are able to donate, without your help this experience would not be as easily managed.

Thanks to you all for following my adventures here in Denmark.. Watch this space as I look forward to continuing to share my journey and future works with you ..

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Ceramicists Anne Fløche and Hans Vangsoe

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have been so lucky to meet so many lovely people, including some very talented Artists. Anne Fløche and Hans Vangsoe are some of these amazing people.

Both Anne and Hans’ work have a roughness and an unpredictability of surface and colour that I really enjoy, both tactilely and visually. Both also having the surprise of intense colour and fine detail and the delight of crawling slip and glazes.

I had seen some of their work in Odd’s home and was very excited to be able to meet them and share a meal together. We were invited to visit for coffee and delicious homemade strawberry juice and were lucky enough to have a tour of their studios. We found it so good to see their work space and the inspiration they surrounded themselves with.

As I am an occasional ceramicist myself, working in collaboration under the name of Formed Function. I really enjoyed discussing our differing styles of firing, Anne fires once, FF fires twice and Hans thrice; and our experiences with the different kilns, they have made/designed theirs.

They both have great senses of humor and are so warm and kind and incredibly talented Artists. It has been a pleasure to get to know them.

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Box Elder Sculpture …

A lovely couple came through Bogensholm to view the exhibition. They really enjoyed my Box Elder sculpture, however it has been sold to another lovely couple, so I agreed to make another as a commission for them before I leave Denmark.

I have enjoyed the process of working on this piece and it has been great to have an excuse to get out in the workshop.

It was a test in both my carving and painting skills as I didn’t have the exact tools that I normally work with, however I am feeling pleased with the result.

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Press Releases and Publicity …

I am very grateful for the amazing support I have received, not only from friends and family but also from the public.

Previous to Bogensholm opening, a local journalist, Martin Shultz, came to meet with Odd and I to hear about the property and my art work. We then had a great article published in the Addresseavisen newspaper.

We were very excited to also see our Bogensholm advertisement published in the newspaper next to Paul McCartney. It was great placement :)

The Northern Advocate published a story about my journey to Denmark in the features section on Saturday 16th July as well as on The Northland Age website. I am very grateful for the local support I am continuously receiving in Northland and New Zealand.

Once I return to New Zealand, I look forward to sharing my experiences with other artists, predominantly in my rural area of Hokianga, a place that is already getting a name for ‘good’ art. I am keen to pass on my ideas, experiences and to inspire other rural isolated artists to step outside their comfort zones and to work towards ‘making art’ a conscious career choice.

I am still running a Givealittle crowd funding campaign over the 90 days. I have an open target and the funds are going towards covering flights, shipping for artworks, insuring artwork, the set up of the small workshop to amend and complete unfinished work, the purchase of materials, producing this regular blog and hopefully finishing with a publication to document this special opportunity, as well as many other small things I’m sure I haven’t thought about yet.

Many Thanks in advance to all those who are able to donate, every dollar counts.

Please feel free to share this blog far and wide.


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Magda Høgh

Magda shares the exhibition space here at Bogensholm with me, her work is very well known by the customers coming through. Magda’s art shows her passion of colour and light, her immediate surroundings are portrayed through the multiple transparent layers. Her abstract works contain an intensity that shows her confidence in her mark making.

I feel very Grateful to have met Magda. She has been so helpful and supportive and has become a lovely friend. Magda has been extremely hospitable and has enjoyed showing us around the area. She was kind enough to give Aimee and I a tour around Ebeltoft as she explained some of the great history of the town and buildings as well as her own history within the town.

She has taken me to Aarhus on two occasions. First we shared a ‘girls day out’, going to churches, museums, shopping and eating some good food. Aimee came on the second trip, we first went to Herning, where we had a nice picnic and explored Birk – the white city in Herning. This is known internationally as “a unique area where art, architecture, landscape, education and business interact in an exciting way”. It is hard to pick what my favorites were in this complex, but I think I would go with seeing and touching 116 figures by Anthony Gormley. As well as the 36 sculptures around the edge of a circular park, each sculpture sitting nicely in it’s own square, divided off by hedges. After this we drove to Aarhus and enjoyed a relaxing cake and coffee at the ARoS Museum before taking in the beautiful scenery as we drove to Moesgaard Museum to see the incredible building, another fine example of stunning architecture and council planning.

We also spent 3 nights staying in Magda’s house while she went to Sweden for an exhibition opening. The view from her house is just beautiful and we felt so at home within her old thatched cottage. We stopped in to visit Magda for tea before staying and she served us freshly baked goodies, then she ended up taking us to Sletterhage Lighthouse. It was very beautiful there and I enjoyed watching the very big ships pass close to shore.

Aimee and I have enjoyed our many outings with Magda very much, she has been a very special part of our time here in Denmark.

Here is an extra link for Anthony Gormley.

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Meeting many talented Artists…

While tending the NoArt gallery I had the pleasure of meeting Annette Bredstrup who is a local weaver and creates fascinating tapestry. We were lucky enough to be invited to Annette’s with her lovely friends, Lisbeth and Emma to have tea and ice cream pancakes with homemade rose hip jam and a rich red berry jam .. Which were extremely delicious. We were then shown her amazing art, the colours were just magnificent and reflected many hours of work. Annette is very inspired by nature as well as other cultures and countries, this was very evident in her work. We were also able to have a look in her studio which had a very beautiful view of the harbor. We really enjoyed the evening.

Annette was then kind enough to take us out and introduce us to more artists from the Syddjurskunstnere Group. This is a group of professional artists which also includes Magda and Helle, who are exhibiting alongside my work at Bogensholm. First we were taken to Jørgen Hansen‘s workshop and gallery in Hyllested. He is an incredibly talented ceramicist who is known for his large glowing sculptures which have been performed around the world. We were able to walk around both his studio and garden which nicely displayed a variety of his art, including many wonderful ceramic elephants and beautiful tableware. We drank homemade elder flower juice out of his exciting one off ceramic cups. We really loved hearing about his firing sculptures and are looking forward to following his future works and hope to see them in New Zealand soon.

Afterwards we went to Helga Kristmundsdottir‘s house for lunch.. We were shown her paintings which had a superb use of colour and heavily referenced Icelandic landscapes, her place of birth and home for her first 20 years. Most of her paintings contain the crisp whiteness of ice and multiple layers of paint that she is known for. We also saw some of her earlier pieces of figurative ceramic and bronze objects, these both had a lovely feel of character and texture. We were then treated to homemade juice made from a mix of rhubarb, strawberry, huckleberry and stevia and a delicious cake.

We ended the day with a walk along the beach where I even found a fossilized sea urchin, it was such a delightful day filled with warmth and generous hospitality. We are very grateful that we were able to meet Jørgen and Helga as well as Lisbeth and Emma. We are very thankful for all of Annette’s kindness and help.