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Vessels For Life

18th March – 10th April  ’11

Statements Gallery .  Napier


Vessels for Life

‘Vessels for Life’ conjurs for me an image or form encapsulating potential, abundance and vitality.

Seeds themselves are, for me, the ultimate vessel for life. Seeds are “where it all starts”, a complete store of all the information needed to engender growth toward full realisation of the individual.

By choosing the seed of the Sunflower (Helianthus annus) for this series I tap into the wealth of meaning with an instantly recognisable object, at once iconic and ubiquitous. A perfect nascent form of nature that carries it’s own barcode. With the Honesty (Lunaris annua) pods I bring to the fore childhood memories, of ‘pretend’ money and a play on it’s name a word not often allied with money.


Honesty Pods 40cm – 110cm $850 & $1900



Sunflower Seeds  scale x 27  $650  &  $495
Sunflower Seeds .                scale x  27 . $550 & $350



Sunflower Seeds  scale x 20 $295 each
Sunflower Seeds .          scale x 20  .   $250 each






Lotus slice with seeds $2200
Lotus slice with seeds $2200


Lotus detail

Lotus detail


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6th March – 1st April ’10

Village Arts Gallery Kohukohu

I have been invited as one of the 30 artists to participate in this exhibition.

Village Arts Ukelele Exhibition Flyer

My ukulele titled ‘This is not a native animal’ has a loose connection to my ‘New Works’ series that I made in 2008. It is painted with powdered chalk paint and is SOLD
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Blooming Revolution

26th Nov – 10th Dec ’09

Nathan Homestead . Manukau

“Blooming Revolution curated by Brent McGuire is an exhibition within the discipline of botanic art, anatomically correct and with attention to detail.

However, put aside thoughts of school textbooks and black and white drawings, or tediously painted water colours, these Children of Flora are shown with creative sensitivity, flair, enthusiasm, and enjoyment.

The artists, a number of them national and/or international award winners present work in wood, paint, pencil and photography creating imagery that allows the viewer to see and appreciate a new view of plant life.

We look forward to seeing you at Nathan Homestead during this delightful exhibition.” exerpt from Nathan Homestead.

Opening is 1.30pm Saturday 28th November.2009


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The Perfection of Imperfection

July 25th – August 20th ’09

Hokianga Art Gallery

“Draw closer to those things that we feel as imperfect and let them be openings through which the potentiality of the soul enters into life.” Thomas Moore

Liz McAuliffe - The perfection of Imperfection

Liz McAuliffe continues her conversation on the intersection between reality and deception.

However with ‘The Perfection of Imperfection’ she has started a new paragraph, for although the pieces strongly reference the NZ Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum) leaf, they are a move away from the naturalistic hand painted object that she is know for and a move towards the abstract.