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Initially the lotus pod in particular gave me an almost endless inspiration for carving and has led me to exploring other pods, seeds and native flora.  Attracted to the plentiful, fecund/fertile shapes in nature I take delight in replicating and celebrating their unique and individual forms, imbuing them with my own aesthetic. Creating from and with nature has long been a way for me to stay connected to myself and my environment.

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My carved sculptures give a sensual experience as well as a visual one. Careful attention to detail, whether in form, surface or shadow is central to my practice and works.

I am attracted to the minutiae found in Nature, especially objects that are often  bypassed or go unnoticed. Working closely from found objects so that when up-scaling these into ‘life-size’, I invite the viewer to re-examine their relationship with Nature. Whether we acknowledge it or not I believe nature influences humans, sometimes in very dramatic ways. We are thus drawn to remembering that we too are nature.


My art invites you to consider your perceptions and to examine the original form more closely.

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Born and living in New Zealand, I have always been intrigued by natural forms, I have an enjoyment of working with wood and a love and desire to work with my hands, this has been directed into my career as an artist, I participate in group and solo exhibitions regularly, my art is in national and international collections, including Italy, Germany, America, Denmark, England and Australia. In 2016 I had a 10 week artist residency in Denmark.


" Everyday you have to abandon your past or accept it and then if you cannot accept it you become a sculptor."
Louise Bourgeois