I love hearing from my buyers as they enjoy my art in their home ...

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M & V  Auckland

“Liz McAuliffe was a joy to deal with on our recent commission, she is clearly passionate about her craft and this was more than evident in the final artwork. From the first interaction Liz was a wonderful listener and has a considered and thoughtful approach to her clients. We are in love with the piece that Liz created for us and will continue to admire and adore her work in our home for many years to come.”

Carvings with David Truebridge light.JPG

Jenny Northland

“We are drawn to Liz McAuliffe’s large scale, masterfully carved & finished, organic sculptured forms that are inspired by simple forms found in nature. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to recently secure three such works. Additionally we are pleased to have been able to engage her services, as facilitated by the gallery, to hang them in a well-considered artistic grouping on a somewhat challenging wall space. Furthermore, we were subsequently invited to her home studio on the shores of the Hokianga where we were treated with gracious hospitality. We were privileged to get the chance to see her work space, tools of trade & the environment that understandably inspires her work”

Kay - Waitoki  Auckland - Liz-McAuliffe 4.jpg

Kay Auckland

"After looking through Liz's collection of leaves I could not find a leaf that was quite what I envisaged for our lounge wall. I did however find a large leaf that displayed the character that I loved.
Liz offered to re-paint the leaf for me to fit my requirements. Through this process, Liz was very accommodating, kept in touch with me and also sent photos of the progress. After the leaf had time to dry it was posted and arrived in a day, well packaged and safe. On opening the parcel I was not too sure how I felt, but once it was mounted up on the wall, wow, the leaf came to life and was certainly in the right home! It looks absolutely stunning. Thank you Liz you are a pleasure to work with."

Peter. Raglan.jpg

Peter Raglan

“Liz sees the beauty in small things and flaunts them on a grand scale in her art. Botanically they are frighteningly accurate and very appealing. My Mum and I could not walk away from the Kowhai seed pod”

with lights.jpg

Christine & Graham Auckland

“We'd finished extensive renovations to our home last year and were looking for just the right piece to go above our bed and below a bulk head in our new master bedroom. After seeing some of her work in an exhibition in Auckland we made contact with Liz once we knew we were in the Hokianga for a weekend.  What a treat to have the privilege of visiting the artist herself in her gorgeous home, having a tour of the studio and then totally personalised assistance to choose the right artwork.  The whole experience was such a friendly and positive one.  Liz took so much time with us, discussing practicalities, colours, preferences and explaining the process behind her work.  To have such an 'up close and personal' experience with the artist made the piece of art we finally chose extra special.  We absolutely love our archetypal leaf.”

Coatesville Private Residence.JPG

Private Residence Auckland

This lovely set of Kawakawa Leaves was hung by Mobile Art, Auckland.

Nikki - Wellington.jpg

Nikki Wellington

“I saw some of Liz’s artwork in a gallery on Blair St. in Wellington and fell in love! I am a florist by trade and my favourite are the lotus pods. I am amazed how she can make a piece of wood look so lifelike.
I have now had my art work for over 7 years and I love it just as much today as I did the day it arrived. I also bought a kawakawa leaf for my parents and a small lotus pod for my sister and they loved them. Liz was very helpful and sent me several photos of artwork she had available and also let me pay it all off weekly.
I look forward to purchasing again in the future!”

Kowhai sculpture.jpg

Leigh Hawkes’ Bay

“I commissioned Liz to create a piece of art to cover an area in our stairwell in our new holiday home.  My brief was just Kiwiana.  We both loved the colour and form of the Kowhai flowers.  Liz then thoroughly researched  photos of Kowhai and with her attention to detail totally deconstructed the flowers to understand their form.   Liz fully immersed herself in creating this larger than life piece of art.  We are delighted with our Kowhai which hangs alongside two other Liz McAuliffe originals.  Her work is much admired by our guests.”  


Pat & Cherie Auckland

“We were looking for a feature art work to be located in our home entrance-way and stumbled on Liz McAuliffe’s leaves in the Mobile Art Gallery, Mt Eden. After some advice from Tina in the gallery, followed by some acrobatic installation work, we now have a great result which changes as the sun creates different shadows during the day.”


Elise Nelson

“Liz’s works are some of my most treasured pieces.  As a lover of NZ bush and wildlife I relish the opportunity to bring some of these elements indoors.  The play of light and shadows on the giant Kawakawa leaves against the wall, the tiny Pohutukawa leaves with all their unique texture and colour made large, are a permanent celebration of something whose beauty is necessarily transient and so often completely overlooked”

White works.jpg

Helen & David Auckland

“These ‘White Works’ hang on the rammed earth wall of our home in the Earthsong eco-neighbourhood in Ranui. They have pride of place in our sitting room along with some works by Heather Randerson and Tame Iti.”


David Auckland

“Liz McAuliffe did a wonderful job of creating sculpted ‘envelopes’ that were full of meaning for my brother and I. They evoke memories of our parents and our home of origin in Hawkes Bay. Visiting Liz’s home and studio to collect the commissioned works was a pleasure. They speak of her passion for the world around us in all its fullness – especially in the beautiful Hokianga”

Flax pods.jpg

Des Hawkes Bay

“ I am very proud to be the owner of some of Liz’s pieces and I enjoy showing them to people who come my way.  Her sharp eye for detail and well honed craft skills reveals her deep love of nature.  Long may Liz’s passion for the work continue and bring the recognition and success that she deserves. “

Jackie and Tony.jpg

Jackie & Tony Auckland

“Earlier this year we purchased two of Liz’ artworks. Having know Liz for 20 years we have been watching her career with great interest over the years, and have always been amazed by her creativity. 
As soon as we saw the giant pohutukawa leaves we knew we had just the spot to hang them. Living in coastal Auckland we are surrounded by pohutukawa trees and were impressed by how real and true to colour Liz’ leaves are. We have them hanging in our entrance way and they are always admired by our guests. We love the way the light changes the colours and shadows throughout the day.
Thanks Liz, your artwork has brought us much pleasure and we will continue to follow your work with the intention of adding to our collection.”


Lelie & Ray  Golden Bay

“I am so happy with the leaves….pohutukawa and kawakawa.  The colours and shadows are spectacular. I am a lover of nature and the leaves are so beautiful in our front room.”

Janna.Liz McAuliffe.JPG

Janna Sweden

“I am from Sweden and have just spent the hols of my life in NZ; in one of the first galleries I entered,The Art Lounge in Tauranga, I came across Liz's work. These three beauties have traveled with me - safely stored in my diary - for more than 7 weeks. Now back home I put them up on the wall I saw them when I bought them. Under Escher's "Eye" this almost becomes an installation in itself. “

Archetypal Leaf.jpg

Patty & Mike Balearic Islands,Spain

“Thoroughly enjoyed our recent 2+ month journey to beautiful New Zealand. An unexpected highlight was the richness and diversity of the art community, particularly the distinctive and beautiful works by Liz McAuliffe, whose work we first discovered at the No. 1 Parnell gallery in Rawene. Working with Liz then on a commission for an Archetypal leaf was a genuine pleasure. The piece is both dramatic and vibrant with a sensational texture that draws the eye in for enjoying the fine detail. We could not be happier with it. Thank you Liz! “


Sarah Auckland

“We had the pleasure of meeting Liz in person and chose an artwork from her studio after seeing some of her work in the ‘Tree House’ accommodation in Kohukohu where we were staying. I fell in love with her natural objects, constructed lovingly in various media and especially the Kawakawa leaves which we bought. They look stunning in our living room and remind me of Northland”

Laura .jpg

Laura Whitianga

"I now have my Lancewood leaf on the wall and absolutely LOVE it! We are so incredibly lucky to have the beautiful nature we have around us, and I love that Liz picks up on that beauty and makes it visible for us to see on a daily basis.

Thank you so much Liz....."

Christine Fentz. Denmark.jpg

Christine & Mohammad Denmark

“Coming into a house of unknown people for a meeting, I immediately recognised Liz’ hand – a life like piece of nature hanging on the wall. Vibrant with life and a true trompe l’oeil, despite the scale being different from the original object from the living world, which Liz ‘copied’. It fills me with warmth and a smile and makes me remember the daily meeting with Liz’s art which we have at home, two sea urchins on the wall, also in up-scaled size.

I see them without seeing them, as it sadly is with ones daily surroundings – but then again, when my eyes sometimes linger a bit longer on them, my body remembers finding sea urchins as a child, their fragile thin feeling against my fingertips.

What a miracle to have all these experiences from the living world on your own wall, every day ! “

Ulla and Jens.JPG

Jens & Ulla Denmark

“This is what we see when we come into our home.  The picture is my mother when she was 5 years. We are very pleased with the Lancewood leaves and enjoy it many times every day"


Margherita Ngaruawahia

“We have purchased a few of Liz McAuliffe’s art and enjoy the creativity it adds to our home environment. We have purchased large and small painted canvas leaves, and various carved leaves and shells. We like the use of colour and the realistic painting and carving. We also enjoy the response of others when they have to touch the art to confirm they aren’t real. They all are a powerful statement in our home and we get lots of positive feedback from visitors to our home. We enjoy following Liz’s art journey and look forward to future purchases”


Jenny Dunedin

“My beautiful Tanekaha leaves remind me daily of Northland’s coastal forests. I have flexed it so it creates the best shadows from sunshine on the wall and the up lighting from my lamp. This gives beautiful shadow play that varies with the seasons as well as day to day”

Diane. Kaeo & U.K.JPG

Diane Kaeo & U.K.

“Memories ARE made of this……..  An unusual Art exhibit catches your eye, a visit to the workshop on the hill nearby, draws you to the very heart of the artist’s inspiration. There you see, touch and feel the beautiful colours, textures and shadows of the various works, whilst listening to the intriguing journey which led to the formation of such unique pieces.
Homeward bound with lasting memories and a piece of bespoke Art work, which guarantees to stimulate conversations for many years to come”


All pictures are taken in the clients’ own homes, all photos are their property.

If you have some of my work and would like it to be included on this page, please do get in touch and I will add it here.