Artist Residency in Denmark


I have been invited as an Artist in Residence,
for 3 months … In Denmark!

The story started 6 years ago when Odd Sinding and his daughter Astrid popped into my local gallery, Village Arts in Kohukohu, where my solo exhibition ‘Ebb & Flow’ was being held. I also happened to be volunteering at the gallery for the day. We struck up a comfortable conversation and there was made mention of how Odd would love to see my work in his home country. Now if you are an artist and or a gallery owner, you know this is said relatively often in the course of showing artworks, I agreed it would be nice and really didn’t think too much more of it. Both he and his daughter purchased some pieces, and loved them when they arrived at their homes.

So now 6 years later he contacted and informed me that he has spent the last 3 years renovating a complex of traditional buildings, set inside Mols Bjerge National Park, Denmark. At present there are 3 guest houses, a transitional gallery space, conference facilities and many other exciting ideas in the pipeline. These will make up Bogensholm Hovedgaards Hideaways. (website for this coming soon). Opening June 25th 2016.

Odd wanted my work to be the inaugural exhibition, hence the invite, and of course I had to accept, how could I not. This is an amazing opportunity for my artworks and career to take the leap. The invite is for 3 months, this will give me a good length of time to explore the local flora and fauna. For me personally, this is also going to be a leap and push my comfort zones as I have never traveled past Australia, other than Rarotonga for 10 days. I’m lucky enough that Odd has allowed my daughter, Aimee, to join and support me on this exciting journey.

After my time in Denmark, I look forward to sharing my experiences with other artists, predominantly in my rural area of Hokianga, a place that is already getting a name for ‘good’ art. I am keen to pass on my ideas, experiences and to inspire other rural isolated artists to step outside their comfort zone. As David Bowie said “going out of your depth to create something exciting” .

I am running a crowd funding campaign over the 90 days, which you can donate to. I have an open target and the funds will go towards covering flights, shipping for some initial artworks, insuring artwork, setting up a small workshop once there to amend and complete unfinished work, purchasing materials, producing a regular blog and finishing with a publication to document this special opportunity, as well as many other small things I’m sure I haven’t thought about yet.

The minimum donation is $1 … and every dollar will help. Many Thanks in advance to all those who are able to donate. Without your help this experience would not be as easily managed.

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I am receiving so much positive support and encouragement which I really appreciate. I will do my best to respond to you all, however within this whirlwind I am a bit stretched for time. I would love for you to subscribe to follow my blog, simply enter your email address into the side bar. You can also keep an eye out on My Facebook Page for updates. We are really looking forward to experiencing this together and sharing the journey with you…