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Well it has been a wee while since I wrote on my blog, I have not been slacking :-)  I have had a busy and varied 6 months.

I have had quite a few commission requests come in, must admit I do like doing commissions, even though at times there is the trepidation of “Will I get it right?”  Sometimes the discussions can last for months, before a piece/requests gets to feeling just right.  A few have come to completion and a few are still on the drawing board.

Canvas-Leaves.-Liz-McAuliffe 2.jpg

After spending months exploring and researching for an Inventory program that is suitable for artists, I have definitely found a great one in Artwork Archive.  I have only had it for about 1 month and even though I have not yet finished entering even one year, it has already saved me time on many occasions.

Head to the link below to see my Public Profile page.


I have also participated in 5 Art Shows so far for 2017, with the exhibition at the Kohia Terrace School,  being the most successful for me so far.  I still have 1 Art Show to go in October, more about that later.

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I have added a new Gallery to my list.   The Art Lounge in Tauranga.

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Mira is doing a fabulous job with promoting and selling my works, particularly with the Cut Canvas Pohutukawa Leaves.  Welcome to the team Mira.  I really appreciate all the work that the galleries do and I have some great galleries representing me,  so do head to my Stockists page to see the list and a few examples of my work in stock.  Pop in to see them if you are in and around NZ or they are always happy to be contacted.

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