We made it to Mols Bjerge, Denmark!


After a long 40 hours, we made it to Mols Bjerge, Denmark!

The last few days have been spent settling in, surprisingly jet lag didn’t hit us too bad, however adjusting to a different language and culture, mixed with constant thoughts of reworking sculptures as well as being inspired daily with new ideas for works has left me rather overwhelmed.

We arrived at the complex where we are residing, Bogensholm Hovedgaard, and our jaws hit the floor. It is so beautiful here and exceeds any expectations I had before arriving. I am not sure photos can even do the beauty of Bogensholm justice however we will do our best to share it with you during our time here.

We have been welcomed with open arms here by Odd and his many friendly staff members. They speak very good English and everyone has gone the extra mile to make sure we feel comfortable and settled. We have already met a few very lovely local artists and we are being given the opportunity to experience the true Danish culture.

With this being my first trip to the Northern hemisphere, I simply had to accompany my works, to keep an eye on them and to mend any breakages, which surprisingly there were not as many as there could have been. I also brought several pieces that were underway in my NZ workshop that I wanted finished. I will have the opportunity to work in a barn that was built in 1847, it is an incredible thatched roof structure with the original large supporting timbers. The workshop is currently empty, giving me the opportunity to make it my own space, which I am very excited about. We have been to the local hardware store and bought the essential tools needed for me to get my work ready to be hung in the exhibition … On that note I am very eager to get started in my new workshop right away .. Watch this space.