Ceramicists Anne Fløche and Hans Vangsoe

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have been so lucky to meet so many lovely people, including some very talented Artists. Anne Fløche and Hans Vangsoe are some of these amazing people.

Both Anne and Hans’ work have a roughness and an unpredictability of surface and colour that I really enjoy, both tactilely and visually. Both also having the surprise of intense colour and fine detail and the delight of crawling slip and glazes.

I had seen some of their work in Odd’s home and was very excited to be able to meet them and share a meal together. We were invited to visit for coffee and delicious homemade strawberry juice and were lucky enough to have a tour of their studios. We found it so good to see their work space and the inspiration they surrounded themselves with.

As I am an occasional ceramicist myself, working in collaboration under the name of Formed Function. I really enjoyed discussing our differing styles of firing, Anne fires once, FF fires twice and Hans thrice; and our experiences with the different kilns, they have made/designed theirs.

They both have great senses of humor and are so warm and kind and incredibly talented Artists. It has been a pleasure to get to know them.

Anne-and-Hans.-Liz-McAuliffe. 2.JPG
Anne-and-Hans.-Liz-McAuliffe. 3.JPG
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