My time at Bogensholm has come to an end ..

It is hard to believe we arrived here 10 weeks ago. It has been a week now since the exhibition finished and we have spent it packing up and saying farewell to the many people who have made our time here in Denmark so enjoyable.

If you had of told me 3 months ago I was about to make a last minute decision to jump on a plane and head across the other side of the world to exhibit my work, I am not sure I would have believed you. Aimee and I came here with very little information about what we were getting into and we have had such an experience being here. There have been many circumstances where I have felt challenged and out of my comfort zone, however I am glad I took the plunge and had this crazy and amazing experience.

Coming to Denmark has given me new confidence to know that ‘I can do it’. I now feel excited at the possibility of taking up other residencies for artists throughout New Zealand as well as around the world. Being here has given me an insight to the Danish art world and given me the chance to speak to local artists and relate on many levels about the lifestyles, art and business practices, both the similarities and the differences.

I am grateful to Odd that he presented me with this opportunity and got me out of my comfort zone. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I look forward to sharing my experiences with other artists. I am keen to pass on my ideas, experiences and to inspire other rural isolated artists to step outside their comfort zones and to work towards ‘making art’ a conscious career choice.

I am still running a Givealittle crowd funding campaign over the 110 days to help cover costs. Many Thanks in advance to all those who are able to donate, without your help this experience would not be as easily managed.

Thanks to you all for following my adventures here in Denmark.. Watch this space as I look forward to continuing to share my journey and future works with you ..

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Bogensholm has come to an end 2.JPG
Liz McAuliffeComment