Tomorrow’s the big day!

The last month has been a busy whirlwind preparing for the opening of Bogensholm. I am very excited and feeling very privileged to be the first artist to exhibit within this beautiful space.

As this is a new and transitional gallery, there have been many things to work out along the way. We tried several hangs and hope we have come up with good ideas. I really appreciate my daughter, Aimee’s, help along the way, from a range of admin work to heading down to the stationary store to buy the red dots .. Heres hoping we will need to use them all :).

Tomorrow there will be a kitchen full of lovely Vietnmaese Chiefs, we have been lucky enough to sample their delicious food this week. Not only will they be making yummy Vietnamese food they will also be making traditional Danish foods, not to mention the stunning wine and cheese. There will also be a 20 piece jazz band, we cannot wait to hear them echoing throughout the courtyard.

The staff around the property have done a phenomenal job. They have worked so hard and their efforts really show, the place is looking superb.

Time to get some rest ready for the big day tomorrow. Here is a sneak peak of the gallery.. Looking forward to updating you all after the exhibition ..

Tomorrows the big day.JPG
Liz McAuliffeComment