Bogensholm is Open!!

Bogensholm is open.JPG

Apologies for keeping you all in suspense, we have spent the last two days in ultimate recovery mode after spending our first 3 weeks with tunnel vision towards the 25th June.

The opening of Bogensholm was an amazing, although long day. We really enjoyed the evening. Approximately 120 people turned up to celebrate the housewarming for the complex. Many of the guests were neighbors and locals wanting to catch up on what had been happening on the property as it really is very incredible. We even had a gentleman visit the gallery today who has waited 60 years to see inside Bogensholm.

I sold the iconic title piece, being a large Kowhai pod, to Odd, the owner. I am very much looking forward to seeing it in his home, alongside the Sycamore seeds and smaller Kowhai pods he purchased in New Zealand 6 years ago, the beginning of this remarkable journey. I received a lot of interest at the opening and many positive comments on my work.

As there was so much happening on the night and many were so excited to participate in the housewarming for Bogensholm, most have said they will come back within the exhibition hours (open until the 31st July) to have another, longer look at my works, as well as the paintings by the two local women exhibiting.

Today, being the first day open to the public, we had a lovely lady come back showing great interest in a few pieces in the exhibition. We have since delivered some pieces to her home for her to contemplate, I think they look lovely in her summer home overlooking the ocean.

In amongst meeting so many lovely and friendly people we had many invites to visit people’s homes for meals or to view their studios/workshops/galleries. As well as to visit nearby towns and many suggestions to explore the local environments.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks ahead to see what’s in store for us. We hope to explore our environment a lot more and I’m sure the beautiful nature surroundings will continue to inspire me for future works. I look forward to keeping you updated …

Liz McAuliffeComment