As promised… Here’s the blog about the Danish Churches…

The first church we saw was when Odd took us for a drive around the local area, then I saw three more on my trip to Arhus with Magda. Choir and organ practice was on while I was in the main cathedral, all adding to the wonderful atmosphere.

The feelings I get from these churches and also most of the traditional buildings is one of substance and of comfortably sitting heavily on the ground. From the thatched roofs to the magnificent copper spires reaching to the skies, these are fantastic buildings. I love the small doorways, the simple designs, and when there is opulence, this is off set by the plain White.

I am intrigued by the votive ships hanging inside, these are quite common within Scandinavian churches, due to them being sea fairing nations and with great importance being placed on the wellbeing of the fisherfolk and the abundance of the catch. Odd has his own ship hanging within the Bogensholm complex, this gives him a feeling of this being his church.

And then there are the graveyards, I love the design and preciseness, they are all so incredibly well manicured. Seeing these few has made me want to go and explore and find more…

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