An Odd Love of Perforations

As an artist, my life naturally revolves around my work. It is impossible for me to travel across the world and not continue to be inspired to make new works.

Quite quickly after arriving, I picked up on Odd’s love for the cherry trees that line his driveway. I went for a stroll around the property and returned to my apartment with a handful of leaves, most of the leaves I collected were speckled with beautiful holes. I began drawing and brainstorming and before I knew it I was sourcing some wood to experiment carving panels which referenced the holes in the leaves. I am very pleased with the end result and as with a lot of my work, I love the shadows these panels create.

After feeling so inspired I worked on these panels quite intensely and managed to have four complete in time for the exhibition. I have had many positive comments and feedback about them. A lovely lady, Annette, whose parents used to own Bogensholm in the 50’s – 70’s, returned after the opening as she said she woke up and realised that she just had to have one hanging in her summer house. We took two panels to Annette’s to help her decide and due to the space we ended up hanging one horizontally which I think looks really great.

All this talk of Cherries, I think it is time for me visit my favourite Cherry tree!! Yum..

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An Odd love of Perforations.JPG
An Odd love of Perforations2.JPG