Kiwi Chats and Danish Koldskål..

We had the pleasure of spending some time with a fellow Kiwi and her lovely family in the weekend. She came across the exhibition via the Facebook page and decided to come check out Bogensholm and meet us.

We have met so many lovely Danes and have enjoyed so many stories from everyone visiting the gallery. There is such a comfort however in hearing another kiwi accent and being able to share our amazing experience here with them. Keri, her partner Jesper and their beautiful little girl Eva arrived on Sunday to have a look around. Just like us, they were ‘wowed’ by the size and beauty of Bogensholm. After showing them around and some great chatting, it was time for Eva to have a nap so they headed off home.

Aimee and I had really enjoyed their visit and were very happy to be invited over that evening for coffee, as well as another first, to experience a Danish summer treat, koldskål, which might I add, was delicious. They have a beautiful summer house in Ebeltoft filled with stunning Danish furniture. It was so great to discuss and learn more Danish quirks and habits that we love and find very interesting. As Keri is a Kiwi and Jesper is a Dane it was great to hear knowledge from both perspectives. The main one where Jesper found himself up against 3 kiwi females was when we were learning about how they leave babies alone outside in the carriage to sleep.. all year round.. Yes this is a thing. Another hot topic was the flag flying here in Denmark. There is a Danish flag out for almost every event or non-event.. Pretty much you see it everywhere. Keri was teaching us the interesting laws around flag flying. She wanted to hang the New Zealand flag on their flag pole at the summer house for our arrival.. She would of had to hang it below the Danish flag on the pole by law and also decided not to hang it as we were going to be there after 8pm, which is when the flags have to be taken down. Interesting stuff! On top of the fun quirks, I enjoyed seeing Kay Bojesen wooden toys as well as having coffee from their Danish Alfi carafe, both common things to have within many Danish homes.

It was such a great evening with great company and great chats. We hope to see Keri, Jesper and Eva again before we leave Denmark. Follow Keri’s blog for some great posts about their journey as well as her experiences with the Danish culture .. .. Enjoy..

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