The Iconic NZ Kowhai Pod now resides at Bogensholm

The iconic title piece of Blurred Boundaries, being a large Kowhai pod, was sold to Odd, the owner of Bogensholm. I am very grateful for Odds support and ongoing enjoyment of my work. I look forward to seeing the Kowhai pod in his home, alongside the Sycamore seeds and smaller Kowhai pods he purchased in New Zealand 6 years ago.

The Kowhai is an elegant tree that is often recognised as New Zealand’s national flower. Many fine specimens are in view around my local environment, particularly in their flowering season. They have distinctive segmented pods containing their unique ‘Kowhai’ yellow seeds. 

My pod sculptures are to remind us that seeds and pods carry the blue print for new life. They are also a celebration of potential, form and presence. By careful observation and manipulation of scale, I am bringing attention to items of nature often bypassed or unnoticed. 

Liz McAuliffeComment