Magda Høgh

Magda shares the exhibition space here at Bogensholm with me, her work is very well known by the customers coming through. Magda’s art shows her passion of colour and light, her immediate surroundings are portrayed through the multiple transparent layers. Her abstract works contain an intensity that shows her confidence in her mark making.

I feel very Grateful to have met Magda. She has been so helpful and supportive and has become a lovely friend. Magda has been extremely hospitable and has enjoyed showing us around the area. She was kind enough to give Aimee and I a tour around Ebeltoft as she explained some of the great history of the town and buildings as well as her own history within the town.

She has taken me to Aarhus on two occasions. First we shared a ‘girls day out’, going to churches, museums, shopping and eating some good food. Aimee came on the second trip, we first went to Herning, where we had a nice picnic and explored Birk – the white city in Herning. This is known internationally as “a unique area where art, architecture, landscape, education and business interact in an exciting way”. It is hard to pick what my favorites were in this complex, but I think I would go with seeing and touching 116 figures by Anthony Gormley. As well as the 36 sculptures around the edge of a circular park, each sculpture sitting nicely in it’s own square, divided off by hedges. After this we drove to Aarhus and enjoyed a relaxing cake and coffee at the ARoS Museum before taking in the beautiful scenery as we drove to Moesgaard Museum to see the incredible building, another fine example of stunning architecture and council planning.

We also spent 3 nights staying in Magda’s house while she went to Sweden for an exhibition opening. The view from her house is just beautiful and we felt so at home within her old thatched cottage. We stopped in to visit Magda for tea before staying and she served us freshly baked goodies, then she ended up taking us to Sletterhage Lighthouse. It was very beautiful there and I enjoyed watching the very big ships pass close to shore.

Aimee and I have enjoyed our many outings with Magda very much, she has been a very special part of our time here in Denmark.

Here is an extra link for Anthony Gormley.

Liz McAuliffeComment