Meeting many talented Artists…

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While tending the NoArt gallery I had the pleasure of meeting Annette Bredstrup who is a local weaver and creates fascinating tapestry. We were lucky enough to be invited to Annette’s with her lovely friends, Lisbeth and Emma to have tea and ice cream pancakes with homemade rose hip jam and a rich red berry jam .. Which were extremely delicious. We were then shown her amazing art, the colours were just magnificent and reflected many hours of work. Annette is very inspired by nature as well as other cultures and countries, this was very evident in her work. We were also able to have a look in her studio which had a very beautiful view of the harbor. We really enjoyed the evening.

Annette was then kind enough to take us out and introduce us to more artists from the Syddjurskunstnere Group. This is a group of professional artists which also includes Magdaand Helle, who are exhibiting alongside my work at Bogensholm. First we were taken to Jørgen Hansen‘s workshop and gallery in Hyllested. He is an incredibly talented ceramicist who is known for his large glowing sculptures which have been performed around the world. We were able to walk around both his studio and garden which nicely displayed a variety of his art, including many wonderful ceramic elephants and beautiful tableware. We drank homemade elder flower juice out of his exciting one off ceramic cups. We really loved hearing about his firing sculptures and are looking forward to following his future works and hope to see them in New Zealand soon.

Afterwards we went to Helga Kristmundsdottir‘s house for lunch.. We were shown her paintings which had a superb use of colour and heavily referenced Icelandic landscapes, her place of birth and home for her first 20 years. Most of her paintings contain the crisp whiteness of ice and multiple layers of paint that she is known for. We also saw some of her earlier pieces of figurative ceramic and bronze objects, these both had a lovely feel of character and texture. We were then treated to homemade juice made from a mix of rhubarb, strawberry, huckleberry and stevia and a delicious cake.

We ended the day with a walk along the beach where I even found a fossilized sea urchin, it was such a delightful day filled with warmth and generous hospitality. We are very grateful that we were able to meet Jørgen and Helga as well as Lisbeth and Emma. We are very thankful for all of Annette’s kindness and help.

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