Get in Quick..The Exhibition closes 31st July

I am very excited as I am seeing many more red dots around the gallery. It has been so lovely to be able to meet the people who will be taking my work home and to see their enjoyment as they visit and experience my work. My buyers were very touched by my work and I love seeing the different ways they are moved by my sculptures.

I was lucky enough to meet a very talented sculptor, Jørgen Pedersen, who brought some of my newest works, the ‘Negatives’, .. “Are negatives really negative? Or are they positive?”. He left his book with me to have a look at, which I have requested to purchase as I am enjoying both the words and the images so much. I felt he really understood my work and this piece especially.

I am also in the process of making a commission as the buyer’s favorite piece was sold. I am loving being back out in the workshop every time I get the chance… Watch this space for more on this.  The gallery is still open for 10 more days which is great as we are still getting many people come through who are very excited to see my work and Bogensholm.. The Albizia Pods, some Panels and some carved and painted leaves are just some of what is still available, see pictures attached below.

I look forward to meeting more people over the next week and being able to share my work with them.

Liz McAuliffeComment